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Hi my name is McCoy Buck. I am a 2D & 3D animator and can't wait to teach you everything I know.

12 Principles of Animation: Moho & Anime Studio (Pre-Order)

The reason why I created this course and why I believe YOU should take it is this...You have always dreamed of creating your OWN animation....

Silly Bird Download

Silly Bird was an animation that I created for the competition March of 2018. I streamed almost the entire process from creation to animation...

Understand and Apply Binding Techniques (Intermediate)

Stop wasting time trying to figure this stuff out on your own!  I have been there and done that. You want to know how long...

Action Scene Animation MADE EASY

When learning computer animation there are two huge learning curves, the principles of animation and the technical (software) side of animation.  Learning the Principles Of...

Moho/ Anime Studio: Advanced Rigging - Creating Professional Rigs

Ready to make professional rigs and start making money with your animations?!  This advanced rigging course is the final step in the rigging series. With...

Complete Learning Guide for Moho & Anime Studio Animators

This course includes all courses at one bundled up price. Included courses: Character Design Course - Complete Rigging Course - Handy Rigging Tool Guide (Beginner)...

Character Design MADE EASY with Anime Studio Pro

Character Design MADE EASY with Anime Studio Pro is your go to course for learning how to draw easy and effectively. With the examples and...

Handy Rigging Tool Guide (Beginner)

- Learn the tools - How they work - Why to use them

Handy Drawing Tool Guide (Beginner)

- Learn the tools - How they work - Why to use them

How To: Pre Production in Moho/ Anime Studio

Downloadable eBook giving you all the tips, tricks, and techniques to plan out your animations in Moho/ Anime Studio.

Character Purple Rig

Follow a free step by step tutorial on YouTube on how to make an easy and fun walk cycle! Free tutorial: What you get:...

Moho Studio Academy

Make this the year to really get serious and focused on becoming an animator. In the Moho Studio Academy I give you the tools, help, and resources you need to live your childhood dream! Become a member today!

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